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Big news in the field of physical therapy; now in the state of Illinois, Direct access has been approved! Direct access allows people to directly make an appointment with a physical therapist without requiring a prescription or referral from another medical professional. You can go to the provider of your choosing based on your personal needs. This allows quicker evaluation and treatment for new injuries or dysfunction helping to limit the time and money spent regaining your health.


Physical therapists are trained to recognize "red flags" that may warrant medical care that is outside the scope our of education and training. As a therapist, it is integral that other healthcare providers are consulted when the issue is not appropriate for physical therapy and the need for further evaluation is warranted.


Erin White is a manual physical therapist that specializes in biomechanics, myofascial release, and functional exercise science to provide pain relief to her patients. Through her masters education in both biomechanics and physical therapy, Erin White is able to assess the root cause of the issue and develop an unique plan to address each facet of the problem. 


Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves the therapist applying gentle, sustained pressure into the restrictions of the myofascial (muscle-fascia) connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore function. Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests. (x-rays, MRIs, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc)


Exercise physiology is the study of the body's responses to physical activity. The responses include changes in metabolism, and physiology of different areas of the body like the heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as, structural changes in cells.


Biomechanics is the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement. Biomechanics is part of the larger field of kinesiology, specifically focusing on the mechanics of movement.


E.W. Physical Therapy was formed to provide exceptional care to members of the community that have struggled with long standing pain and dysfunction or have a new acute injury or pain. E.W. Physical Therapy is unique in that it focuses on individual care for each and every patient rather than the typical run of the mill clinic with programs that are cookie-cutter for each condition. 


The benefit of a therapist providing one-on-one care is that each person's issue is based on his or her presentation. While it may depend on the length of time the issue has been present, providing tailored treatment and education to each patient allows for much shorter treatment plans. The sooner something is assessed and treated, the faster the recovery and return to health. The approach to treatment at E.W. Physical Therapy provides a long term solution to your current issue, not a quick fix to the symptoms that would allow the problem to return.


E.W. Physical Therapy helps provide pain relief for those individuals at their wits end in search of regaining their health. Come experience a full hour of one-on-one individualized physical assessment with our therapist to help restore your life.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care and superior customer service in order to set the standard for rehabilitation services. Essential in the attainment of these objectives is a dedication to professional development in order to maintain a climate of the highest ethics and professional excellence in a friendly and encouraging environment.

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