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Headshot of Erin White, MPT Erin White, MPT

Erin White

Physical Therapist/Clinic Owner


Erin White graduated from physical therapy school with the dream of helping individuals regain their health. Unfortunately, the first job she had fell short of letting her provide care that would benefit her patients. She struggled to find the right fit in run of the mill clinic settings because the focus seemed to always be on revenue and not on health. She searched for 3 years for a setting she could make a difference in. After working for several companies where she was expected to see 15-18 patients per day, perform treatment that was not individualized for each patient, and send every patient to the gym for "therapeutic exercise" even if not warranted, she decided to take things into her own hands. She opened her own practice. She wanted to be able to do therapy that was appropriate for each of her patients, not just watch them exercise or rub ultrasound gel on their shoulder or knee. She wanted to treat the whole body, find the source of the problem, and educate her patients on how to keep themselves healthy and reduce the risk of future injuries. And so, Integrity Physical Therapy was formed in 2005 outside of Seattle, Washington. She practiced physical therapy in Washington until 2014 when she decided to move home to the Chicago area to be closer to her family. After taking a short break to get acclimated to the Chicago winter, she opened E.W. Physical Therapy in Barrington, Illinois. Erin continues to strive to bring the best healthcare to her patients despite the continued obstacles that develop in medicine.


Erin is a licensed physical therapist with eighteen years of experience providing pain relief to patients with orthopedic conditions. As a manual therapist her focus is helping heal those who have complex and chronic pain conditions that may stem from surgeries, injuries, or trauma. She specializes in myofascial release, chronic pain and dysfunction, biomechanics for golfers, complex pain issues, post-surgical scarring including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and plastic surgery, gait analysis, McKenzie approach, and work station ergonomics. She understands that education is an ongoing process and, therefore, continues to supplement her university education with clinical courses that expand her knowledge and treatment base. She began studying the John F. Barnes Myofascial Treatment Approach in 2014 and has been incorporating his treatment methodologies into her practice ever since. 


A bachelor of science degree in psychology was earned at The University of Iowa in 1997. In 2000, The University of Nebraska awarded a master's degree in exercise physiology and upon graduation from The University of Kansas Medical Center in 2002, a master's degree in physical therapy was earned.


Noteworthy community, professional, and business accomplishments include:


-Membership in the American Physical Therapy Association

-An appointment to represent Monroe, Washington in the Cambridge Who's Who Registry among executive and professional women presented in 2009/2010

-Additionally, in 2010 the National Association of Professional Women granted membership and active participation continues 

-The Better Business Bureau membership of A+ has been ongoing since the start of business

-2014 received the Best of Monroe Award for Physical Therapists

-most recently named one of the top physical therapists by Expertise.com in the Arlington Heights, IL area for 2018


-2019 received the Best of Palatine Award for Physical Therapists


Photo of Therapy Dog Zoey Zoey, Therapy Dog



Therapy Dog


Duties include: greeting patients, tail wags, being a

love bug, making patients smile


Professional development

2005 Mastered basic and advanced dog training classes

2006 Became certified emotional support dog


Joined Erin White PT in the clinic



Bringing joy to all those she meets

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