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Complimentary Businesses

E.W. Physical Therapy believes in comprehensive treatment. Local businesses that enhance your plan for regaining and maintaining your health are great to have access to. These companies provide excellent customer service, work closely with our office, and offer products and services that may allow for an even better total outcome. 



Dr. Jonathan Brown, DC

Dr. Jonathan Brown, DC
Specializing in the NUCCA and QSM3 approach to chiropractic treatment, Dr. Brown focuses on the upper cervical spine to allowing the body to be corrected with subtle techniques providing profound results.
Runners High n' Tri
This athletic store in the heart of Arlington Heights offers the best of the best when it comes to gear. Mark and his wife Pom are exceptional when it comes to fitting the proper athletic shoes to account for improper biomechanics, injuries, and provide the greatest comfort.
Long & Co. Jewelers
Located on Main Street in downtown Barrington, this jeweler is a great resource for my patients dealing with changes associated with arthritis. They have multiple options for modifying existing rings to allow for a proper fit despite enlarged middle knuckles. We wait our lives to have beautiful jewelry, why not let Long & Co. help you actually be able to wear it!
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