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Erin was able to quickly pinpoint the cause of my pain and begin a variety of treatment methods immediately. She would tailor each session to my current needs and provided me with the tools to maintain my health on my own. Not only did she create a custom and effective treatment plan, she was extremely accomodating to my busy schedule. Because Erin impressed me with her knowledge and her clear goal of providing the best physical therapy in the most efficient way I was willing to drive over an hour to see her over other therapists.

~Linnzi B.


I came to Erin after trying a variety of options to address a constant backpain. I was looking forward to a trip to Australia and New Zealand with my son. We would be doing a number of physically demanding tasks including scuba diving, rappelling, caving and backpacking and I was concerned that my back would be inflammed by the almost 30 hours of flying, meaning I wouldn't be able to enjoy the trip or participate as I had planned.

     I had tried a variety of doctors who would prescribe pain killers and muscle relaxants. Chiropractors that helped briefly but nothing had lasting effect.

     Erin was able to diagnosis the underlying problem - something no one else had been able to do. She prescribed a series of unusual exercises that I did religiously for the three weeks prior to my trip. It was astounding. For the first time in I do not remember how long, I was able to wake up without backpain and I was more flexible and had better balance and coordination.

     The flight was a non-event and I did not suffer any of my usual discomfort. I was able to participate fully in all the activities and only had to take Advil for the aches you might expect a 62 year old to have after those activities.

     Erin is a uniquely talented individual and I only wish she lived closer to me.

~Marty L. September 2019


The PT's I had been to before worked with the standard model of seeing you for a few minutes, putting you on equipment and then having you work with an aide for the remainder of your appointment. Erin has a different approach. Her focus is to figure out WHY your body is in pain and then to help you readjust and strengthen so that you can have a normal life. She is with you the entire appointment. She educates you about how you can help yourself, at home, with simple tools and in a reasonable amount of time during your day. I am now able to do all of the things I love to do. I honestly thought that enjoying much in my life was over due to constant pain. Erin gave me my life back. Thank you Erin!!!!

~Julie S. November 2019

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